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How to Apply

If you would like to apply for a school place at Stag Lane Primary School please contact the Admissions department at London Borough of Harrow. Admissions to the school are not arranged by the school office.

We are a four form entry school with 120 children in each of the year group.

Application for a place at Stag Lane  should be made online with Harrow Civic Centre.

If you require help with this process please contact Harrow Civic Centre or pop into our school office.

Civic 1
Civic Centre
020 8901 2620

Appeals forms will be available from www.harrow.gov.uk/schooladmissions 


Click here for details on online applications for Reception




Nursery Applications (As stipulated by Harrow Council)

To apply for a place in our Nursery, please complete an application form (obtainable from our school office) and return it to the office.

When you return the form you should bring with you:

1. Proof of your child's date of birth

2. Proof of your address

All parents unsuccessful in being offered a place will be notifies in writing and advised that your child has been placed on the waiting list. The school will also inform you that your child's name can be added to the waiting list for any other nursery from that date.

Admissions Criteria

If more applications are received than there are places in our nursery, places will be offered to the children inthe following order:

1. Looked After children or previously Looked After children by a Local Authority, in date of birth order.

2. Children referred by Harrow's Special Educational Needs assessment and review service, in date of birth order.

3. Other children, in date of birth order.

If under any criterion, there are more children with the same date of birth than there are places remaining in the nursery, then the available places will be offered to child(ren) who live closest to the nursery. Distance will be measured in a straight line from the home address to the centre point of the school. Home to school distance will be measured by Harrow's School Admissions Service.

It is important to understand that getting a place in a nursery class does NOT mean your child will be given a place in a Reception class in that school.
You must make a seperate application for Reception class
You may need to plan for and prepare your child for changing schools.

Reception Admissions

If you have applied for your child to start Reception in September, an email will be sent to you with the outcome of your application. Please wait until you have received the email before logging on to the eAdmissions website. In some cases, letters will be sent through the post.
Appeals forms will be available from www.harrow.gov.uk/schooladmissions.