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Welcome to our Teaching & Learning Section

In this section, we have information about how and what we teach across the school. Our aim is to provide a holistic approach to the learning and development for all of our pupils from Nursery through to Year 6.
We particularly want to draw attention to our Remote Learning Section, which outlines our school's approach to distant learning and links you directly to our online platform. Education technology is playing an increasing role at Stag Lane Primary School, so please check the section regularly for updates as we continue to add more learning tools.
Our Curriculum Subject Overviews provide a detailed breakdown of what pupils learn in each academic year, helping to provide a guide to parents and carers about their child's learning journey. At Stag Lane Primary School we want to continue to increase the standards at the school, and we firmly believe that keeping parents well-informed will provide a strong school & home partnership needed to help our pupils thrive.
For those parents and carers looking to enrol a child into Our Nursery, we have detailed not only the curriculum but the approach and aims of our excellent nursery team. We believe that the early years of a child are a crucial time to set pupils on their pathway to academic success and social confidence. Contact us if you have questions about our nursery, or want to speak to one one of the team.