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British Values

At Stag Lane Primary School through visits, trips, assemblies, displays  and more, we celebrate the immense cultural diversity found in our school community, and in the country we live in, whilst holding at the core what it is to be a British citizen.  We provide a broad and balanced curriculum which includes PSHE, Citizenship, RE and SMSC  which explicitly and implicitly teaches the children the importance of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths. Our work as a Rights Respecting School also supports this.  The table below illustrates how exactly we embed British values into our curriculum.
We offer a wide range of experiences and activities that combined with our general school policies, aim to promote each child’s personal development to help them to become successful and valuable members of our society.  We aim to equip all children with the skills and self-confidence necessary to constructively influence their own lives as twenty-first century global citizens. 
We are committed to keeping children safe and happy in order for them to grow and flourish to their full potential in all aspect of their lives.

Extremism and radicalisation

The school is aware of the need to be vigilant when it comes to any extremist attitudes or behaviour and appropriate actions will be taken accordingly. It is vital that our staff and parents are aware of the possible danger of extremism and radicalisation of children, predominantly but not solely through online activities. All staff are aware of the need to alert the Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body if they have any concerns of this nature.

 We are committed to supporting parents and children to be aware of the dangers.  Our overriding aim is to teach children to be resilient to extremism. This involves teaching children how to ask probing questions from a young age and make sound judgements for themselves about what is right and wrong. Our Curriculum enables them to learn that there are many differing views and experiences in the world outside of their own while promoting the development of self-confidence, self-worth and a sense of identity. The principles of good teaching in which pupils reflect and question are the foundations on which we base successful building of resilience.

The document link below provides further information on the dangers of extremism and radicalisation and more support can be found on our e-safety page.  Many of our staff have recently attended training in relation to the Counter Terrorism and Security act in order to understand how best to support and protect children against extremism and radicalisation according to Prevent Duty guidelines.  Further whole school staff training will be occurring during 2015/16.

Channel duty guidance

Prevent Duty Guidance