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Senior Leadership

Headteacher: Mrs Nina Will
Deputy Headteacher - Early Years lead, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning and DSL: Mr John Lynch
Deputy Headteacher - KS2 lead, Assessment and Teaching & Learning : Mrs Andre Christofis
Assistant Headteacher -KS1 lead and RWI lead: Mrs Kelly Yates
Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion/SENco: Mrs Farah Tahirkheli
School Business Manager for Finance and Premises: Mr Ivan Brandon
School Business Manager for HR matters: Mrs Peggy Ashby
Office Manager: Mrs Daphne Rice

Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery Staff
Nursery Leader: Miss Hutton
Nursery Nurse: Miss Van Gent, Miss Hurley, Miss O'Leary and Mrs Kleopa

Reception Staff
Year Group leader and Seahorse Teacher: Mrs Elliot
Dolphin Teacher: Miss Reith
Octopus Teachers: Miss McManamon and Miss Barnett
Starfish Teacher: Miss Pyke
(SLE) Support Teacher: Mrs Mather
Reception Support: Mrs Gogolinca, Miss Pearson, Mrs S Patel, Mrs Kurji and Mrs Gregori

Key Stage One

Years 1 & 2 Group Leader: Mrs Yates
Year 1 Staff
Hedgehog Teacher: Miss Osborne
Badger Teacher: Miss Gallo
Squirrel Teacher: Miss O'Regan
Fox Teacher: Miss O'Reilly
Teaching Assistants: Mr Vasudev,  Mrs M Kerai, Mrs Jesani,  Mrs Kaur and Ms Ribas
Year 2 Staff
Eagle Teacher: Mrs Vasudev
Swallow Teacher: Miss Bolton
Dove Teacher: Miss Visavadia
Owl Teacher: Mrs Lad
Support Teacher: Mrs FitzGerald
Teaching Assistants: Mr A Hadjigeorgiou, Mrs Choudhuri, Mrs Shah, Mrs Kay, Mrs Piradeeban and Ms Zarrien
Higher Level Teaching Assistants: Mrs B Patel and Mrs K Sembian

Key Stage Two

Year 3 Staff
Year Group Leader and 3B Teacher: Miss Baxter
3A Class Teacher: Miss Palfrey
3OB Class Teacher: Miss O'Brien
3P Class Teacher: Mr Parmar
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Kerai, Miss Jackson, Mrs Hafiz, Mrs Bhogatia and Miss S Patel

Year 4 Staff
Year Group Leader and 4B Class Teacher: Ms Bashir
4H Class Teacher: Miss Halai
4PI Class Teacher: Mrs Porter and Mrs Ivan
4V Class Teacher: Mrs Varsani
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Vekaria, Mrs Ross and Mrs Nirupendren

Year 5 Staff
Year Group Leader and 5H Class Teacher: Mrs Halai
5S Class Teachers: Mrs Shah
5C Class Teachers: Mr Chahin
5K Class Teacher: Miss Abdi
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Mepani, Mrs Wahab and Ms Thomas

Year 6 Staff
Year Group Leader and Class Teacher - 6KV: Mrs Kercher
6L Class Teacher - 6L: Mrs Lewis
6N Class Teacher - 6N: Miss Nembhard
6KV Class Teacher: Mrs Vaizey
Support Teacher: Mrs Hashmee
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Varsani and Miss Morjaria

Non Class based staff

KS2 Cover Teacher: Mrs Asaria
Art Teacher (KS1): Mrs McNulty
Art Teacher (KS2): Mrs Powell
EAL Teacher: Mrs Vaizey
French and Music Teacher: Miss Vaizey
Sports Teacher: Mr Young
Drama Teacher: Miss Howard

Inclusion Team

Inclusion Leader and Assistant Head: Mrs Tahirkheli
Deputy Headteacher and DSL: Mr John Lynch 
Learning Mentor and Pastoral Support Leader: Miss B Vekaria
Learning Mentor: Mrs Visavadia
Learning Mentor: Mrs Barnett

Admin and Support Staff

Office Assistant: Mrs Shetty
School Secretary: Mrs Burris
Administrative assistant, Library Manager and Resources Officer: Mrs Chitroda
Receptionist: Mrs Solanki
Site Supervisor: Mr Pollard
Welfare: Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Shetty

Catering Team

Kitchen Manager: Ms Davey
Kitchen Support: Mrs Umrania and Mrs Shah


Key stage 1
SMSA (EYFS) Leader: Mrs Chandarana
Mrs Shah, Mrs H Unadkat, Mrs N Unadkat and Mrs Prabakaran
Key Stage 2
SMSA Leader: Miss B Vekaria
Mrs Dudhaiya, Mrs Parmar, Mrs Ratnasingham, Mrs Sivakumar, Mrs Umrania, Mrs Valji and Mrs Makwana

Ambassador Team

We have a team of staff and parents, (representing the profile of our school community), that we can arrange to support you in your language should there be school information that you need translating.

Parent Ambassadors
Mrs Elmi (Somali), Mrs Hafiz (Arabic) and Mrs Piradeeben (Tamil), Mrs Xaji (Somali) and Ms Zarrien (Farsi)