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Literacy Subject Intent

At Stag Lane Primary and Nursery our children will enjoy a curriculum where books are valued, shared and read aloud from their earliest start. The National Curriculum for Literacy will guide our intent in all areas of literacy acquisition.
When our children leave Stag Lane Primary we expect them to be avid readers, who read fluently and widely and are able to express preferences and opinions about the texts that they read. We want them to read for pleasure, having had access to a wide range of relevant, current, classic and culturally varied text types, genres and authors in order for them to make informed opinions about their favourites.

Our students will have good comprehension skills which will equip them with an ability to infer meaning and to read for understanding in a variety of subjects. Their reading experience will equip them to be confident in the art of speaking and listening and can use discussion to communicate and further their research and interest in learning.

Children will be exposed to a rich variety of age appropriate text types within their English curriculum to support their learning of the skills they need for reading and writing.

Long Term Planning