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School opening for children of Critical Workers & Vunerable children

The school will only remain open for children who are vulnerable or where a parent is a critical worker during this pandemic. If you are uncertain, please click HERE for details. 

What time shall I bring my child to school?


What time shall I collect my child from school?

MONDAY - Thursday: 3.00pm


End of Day on Fridays: 12.15pm (straight after lunch)

Please collect your child at 12.15pm. This early finish will allow staff time to meet, plan and prepare for the week ahead. And for a deep clean of the used building.

What entrance shall I use to bring my child to school and collect them?

All Year Groups should arrive and be collected from the Infant Playgrounds, using the Cotman Gardens entrances. Staff will be at the doors.
We ask parents /Carers to wear face coverings while on the school premises and not to enter the school building.

Which staff will be in school?

  • At least one Senior Leader
  • At least one designated safeguarding lead
  • At least two First Aiders on site
  • 10 Teaching Assistants and/ Learning Mentors
  • Lunchtime supervisors
  • Office Team (who are will be available from 8.30 – 3.15pm)
  • Additional Teaching Assistants to support those children who have an EHCP
  • At least one site caretaker/Manager

Will my child be in their class bubble?

The children will be split into consistent ‘Year group bubbles’ and there will be no mixing of bubbles during the school day.

What should my child wear to school? What should my child bring to school?

  • Uniform must be worn every day.
  • Please wear layers underneath as we will be keeping the building well ventilated
  • Warm coat – as children will be going outside
  • Bring a water bottle to school every day
  • Bring a packed lunch (if you are not having a school packed lunch)
  • No large Ruck-sacks, please

What will my child be learning every day?

The day will resemble a school day. Your children will follow the same timetable and complete the same work as uploaded on SEESAW, for children who are learning at home.

Their teachers will provide feedback in exactly the same way as if they were learning remotely. In addition, all Year Group Bubbles will have a specialist PE coach, a specialist Art teacher and a specialist music teacher some time during the week.

What are the lunch arrangements if I have free lunch entitlement?

Children can choose to bring in a packed lunch from home or choose a free school packed lunch.
In addition, if your child has a free school meal entitlement linked to benefits a food voucher will be sent out, for £3.00 per day for the duration of school closure. More details will follow.

How will you maintain your duty to safeguard?

There will always be a designated Safe Guarding Officer in school and all safeguarding or Child protection concerns will be noted and we will continue to follow our usual robust safeguarding procedures.

What do I do if my child is unwell and cannot come to school?

  • If your child is unwell or you will not be able to bring your child in, due to self-isolation, please call the school office before 9.00am to let us know
  • As you have committed to this offer of in –school learning, your child is expected to attend on the days you have told us. If your child is absent we will mark it in the register as absent. If we do not hear from you by 9.15am we will phone you. If we cannot contact you this will be recorded as an unauthorised absence
  • If your child is unwell while in school with a new and persistent cough or with temperature above 37.8 degrees Celsius we will follow our procedures and call you immediately. Please make sure we have your correct contact details

How are you reducing the new variant transmission risk if my child is coming into school?

We have a thorough risk assessment in place, which we have reviewed again in light of this new variant
During this closure period, WE ARE NOT MIXING YEAR GROUP BUBBLES.
Additional measures we are encouraging where possible include:
  • With few children in school during this closure, a 2m gap between children and staff to be the standard, with gaps of 1m an exception for a very limited amount of time.
  • Staff to wear face coverings/ protective visors at all times
  • Staff working with our most vulnerable children to wear full PPE at all times
  • Children can wear a face covering if their parent/carer wishes
We continue to maintain our minimising risk approaches:
  • One-way systems & staggered timings
  • Ventilation & outdoor learning when possible
  • Children from Year2 sit in rows and sanitise desks before and after each lesson
  • Commitment to handwashing and sanitising hands regularly
  • Use of lidded bins for tissues/wipes
  • Isolation rooms as soon as a child/adult shows any COVID symptoms

If a child or staff member linked to an in-school bubble teste positive for COVID, then Public Health England guidance commences. This means all close contacts will have to stay at home for 10 days from when symptoms started/last exposure date.

BBC self isolation chart
If you have any further queries or questions please email office@staglaneprimary.harrow.sch.uk
This email address will be checked frequently in case you have any questions.