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Curriculum statement of Intent

Our curriculum is intended to incorporate our vision statement;

Forever Learners: Achieving our dreams in an ever-changing world.

Stag Lane serves a rich and diverse community, with over 32 different languages spoken and our curriculum is reflective of this.  Our curriculum responds to change, as well as recognising our local history, community and traditions, it explores how our community and the world around us is evolving. It seeks to provide challenges that are not only academic, but also cultural, social, artistic and physical which provide children with experiences they would not otherwise get.

We have five themes that run through the child’s learning experiences. These are:

  • My Inspirations - to learn about people who through their work have had a significant impact on the world and to acknowledge their achievements and qualities and see that they too can be significant. To encourage aspiration, ambition and self-belief in our children.
  • My Rights - to instil an understanding and a respect for equality, tolerance and diversity. The School is a 'Rights Respecting School'. This means we uphold the Rights of the Child, as identified by Unicef’s Convention of the Rights of a Child. A Rights Respecting School puts children’s rights at the heart of all decision making. As Duty Bearers, we ensure school is a safe and inspiring place to learn. Children are respected, their talents are nurtured, and they are able to thrive.
  • My Community - we learn where we fit into the world. To explore the wider world and the issues our planet faces. To see that we are currently in a chapter of the history and development of the narrative of the journey of humanity
  • My Voice - to develop a rich and diverse vocabulary in order to communicate clearly and have excellent comprehension. To speak with confidence to a range of audiences. To appreciate the world of literature and gain a love of reading both for pleasure and to acquire knowledge. We believe that reading is the key to unlocking all learning. The earlier children become fluent readers, the more knowledge they can acquire.
  • My experiences - our curriculum includes first-hand experience, with carefully planned visits linked to the topic work covered across each year group and also incorporates non-negotiables that we believe all pupils should experience during their time at Stag Lane.