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Year 6 Trip to Norfolk - The Pleasaunce

The children and staff had a marvellous adventure in Norfolk, staying at the 19th-century mansion called The Pleasaunce. We all took part in a range of activities that taught us new skills and challenged us in the great outdoors.

It rained quite a lot, but that did not stop our enjoyment as we saw some beautiful views of rainbows across the countryside, the perfect setting for our long cross-country walks.

We even got lost at one point however, the children used their orienteering skills to find our way back on track. We even went on a night walk in pitch black! It was a sensory experience as the sound of waves got louder and louder as we got closer to the beach.

The activities were sensational as the children learned to climb up some gigantic walls and navigate their way around the swings and obstacles at the Aylmerton centre, light fires using a stone flint, build structures and engage with nature.

The highlight of the trip was our animal session when we met a variety of animals such as the birds of the wild and stoats but the enormous boa constrictor stole the show. The children were mesmerised by the snake’s magnificent size and weight. The calm persona of our new friend allowed us to touch and carry this amazing creature.