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At Stag Lane, we aim for Music learning to be vibrant, ambitious and fun. As well as conventional music theory, our pupils study music from many different genres and cultures, and learn to perform and compose with confidence and finesse. Through a wide range of trips, clubs, workshops, performances and assemblies, we seek to celebrate the diverse talents of all our children and to enrich their musical learning, so that they leave us as enthusiastic and accomplished young musicians.

Music Subject Intent

At Stag Lane we uphold every child’s right to develop their talents to the full. We aim to:

  • Provide an interesting well-balanced curriculum within which each child learns to investigate sound, develop their musical and cultural knowledge, hone their instrumental and vocal skills and grow musically with enthusiasm and enjoyment.
  • Offer children opportunities to develop a range of social and teamwork skills by encouraging cooperative working and collaboration on Musical projects.
  • Build self-confidence by giving pupils the chance to perform for different audiences and occasions, and experience the satisfaction derived from mastering musical activities whilst striving for the highest possible musical standards.
  • Deepen pupils' awareness and understanding of a range of traditions through exposure to music from other times and cultures.
  • Embrace all learning styles and to nurture and support those with special educational or language needs by providing a range of ways for children to learn Music including kinaesthetic, aural, visual and physical teaching.
  • Nurture and challenge all children including those who have been identified as gifted and talented by providing rehearsal spaces and further opportunities within the school or Harrow borough with peripatetic piano and guitar lessons as well as after school clubs like Rocksteady.
  • Encourage musical independence by providing opportunities for pupils to create, listen to and express ideas, thoughts and feelings about music in sensitive, analytical and critical ways.
  • Generate awe and wonder regularly in lessons, trips, assemblies and workshops, to inspire the children to love Music and take a pride in their achievements, leading to lifelong appreciation & enjoyment of the Arts.