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The ability to read opens the door to learning. Phonics (sounds made by a letter or groups of letters) is crucial in the development of reading and writing in the Early Years of schooling. This journey begins the Foundation Stage and continues into Key Stage One, with the aim of children becoming fluent readers by the age of seven.

At Stag Lane Primary School reading is taught in the following ways:

Phonics Lessons

Phonics is taught using a programme called Read, Write, Inc.

Children are taught sounds daily and apply these to word reading.

Sounds are taught using Fred the Frog

Fred the Frog is a character used in our lessons. Fred can only say sounds. We call sound talk, Fred Talk.

For example:    S –K –I –P

Fred always needs our help to read the word by blending sounds together.


The importance of sounds

In order to read accurately we must say the sounds correctly. The link below shows how we pronounce these ‘pure’ sounds.


Children are taught the sounds in three sets.

Set 1

Set 1 includes single letter sounds, as well as some sounds that are made using two letters. We call these ‘special friends’ such as ‘qu’  ‘ch’

When your child is beginning to learn the Set 1 sounds they will take home a speed sounds book which will help you practise these at home. Teachers will date the sounds as each one is introduced.


After children have learnt all the Set 1 sounds we practise blending these together. We do this orally and call this Fred Talk. It’s fun and can be practised at home too!

Can you r-u-n?

Get your b-oo-k

Children then practise blending single letter sounds into words, such as

b   e    d= bed 

Once children are confident reading Set 1 sounds and begin to blend these, they are ready to read short passages called Ditties.