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History Subject Intent

Our curriculum will develop children’s skills, knowledge and understanding of History in a coherent, chronological narrative. Topics are planned and delivered in blocks across the Year, are informed by the National Curriculum as well as the context of the local area. Our curriculum is knowledge-based with carefully planned progression of skills and concepts.

The aims of teaching history:

  • to cultivate a sense of identity and self
  • develop a sense of the past using appropriate vocabulary to show the passing of time
  • to develop a sense of chronology – including living memory and beyond living memory
  • to inspire pupil’s curiosity to discover more about the past
  • understand some of the ways we find out about the past (sources)
  • to know how local people and places have shaped history in our local area
  • to enable children to know about significant people and events in British history and how things have changed over time
  • to develop knowledge and understanding of history in the wider world

The History Curriculum at Stag Lane Primary is carefully planned and structured to ensure current learning is linked to previous learning. Prior knowledge is drawn upon to begin each new unit and five key concepts are threaded through the topics as children progress through the school:

  • Concept 1 - Similarity/ Difference
  • Concept 2 - Continuity & change
  • Concept 3 - Cause & Effect
  • Concept 4 - Movement of people
  • Concept 5 - Significance